Meet Karl Sky

Karl has been composing melodic, catchy Folk/Rock/Americana songs for upwards of 35 years. In 2000 Mr. Sky to a step forward and formed a beneficial relationship with Nashville legend Scotty Turner
(Songwriter/Lead guitarist for Tommy Sands & The Raiders/Executive Producer of Liberty/Imperial Records - Writer/Producer for A&M Records)

Mr. Turners' songs were recorded by such greats as Roy Clark, Slim Whitman, Nilsson, Mac Davis, to name a few. The mentorship that Scotty provided, enabled Karl to become a better writer
both lyrically and musically. Scotty and Karl worked together regularly.

Captain Kidd Music/BMI, owned by Scotty Turner, signed Mr. Sky's "Warm Kentucky Wind" as well as Karl's 1st collection/album of music, "Guess It's Time" back in 2000.

Karl's music style resembles  singer/songwriters of the early seventies as well as current Americana and Folk/Rock.

At present time Karl is engaged with @songwritersportal to actively pitch many of the songs that are in his catalog to Artists, Producers as well as TV/Film Supervisors.