Meet Karl Sky

Karl has been composing melodic, catchy Folk/Rock/Americana songs for upwards of 35 years. In 2000 Mr. Sky to a step forward and formed a beneficial relationship with Nashville legend Scotty Turner
(Songwriter/Lead guitarist for Tommy Sands & The Raiders/Executive Producer of Liberty/
Imperial Records - Writer/Producer for A&M Records)

Mr. Turners' songs were recorded by such greats as Roy Clark, Slim Whitman, Nilsson, Mac Davis, to name a few. The mentorship that Scotty provided, enabled Karl to become a better writer
both lyrically and musically. Scotty and Karl worked together regularly.

Captain Kidd Music/BMI, owned by Scotty Turner, signed Mr. Sky's "Warm Kentucky Wind" as well as Karl's 1st collection/album of music, "Guess It's Time" back in 2000.

Karl's music style resembles  singer/songwriters of the early seventies as well as current Americana and Folk/Rock.

At present time Karl is engaged as a satellite writer through Song Placement Pros at Merf Music Publishing in Nashville. He is working with Merf to actively pitch many of the songs that are in his catalog to major established acts as well as TV/Film Supervisors

Songwriters Portal is also currently pitching Karl's Music to breakout artists/producers