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Karl pens thoughtful and intelligent lyrics, painting emotion and story, in a poetic manner. 
“I’m Always Here You Know” captures the fragility of our human experience and our need for connection with great tenderness and sophistication, both lyrically and musically.

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Please Pass The Indie

There’s a certain Americana-Rock feel reminiscent of Springsteen and Morrison that fans of folk-rock will love. Like Springsteen, Sky’s story-telling is very down-to-earth; he paints every day people with every day struggles.  In Sky’s lyrics, you will find heartfelt slices of life that explore the complexities of relationships; he keeps it real and honest.

"Free" is well-crafted through and through. 

 Singer-Songwriter Karl Sky writes songs that stand the test of time.

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Muse's Muse Music Reviews By Ben Ohmart

This is a songwriter first and foremost. Karl Likes the sound of the guitar and keeps trying to think of other ways of making the strings sings. Focusing on the acoustic, kneading in the folk, writing like a pop star, karl brings all the components together like a well oiled demo screaming for attention. He'll get it. Sky is headed for that horizon.

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Mike Aydelott - Music Reviewer has this to say about Sky,

"Well realized songs from a seasoned and skilled songwriter"