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I'm Always Here You Know
Copyright 2019 Sentric Music Publishing/BMI
Words and Music By Karl Sky


Frozen child of winter
can you see the golden sun?
Do you feel the tropic breeze
that’s kissed the pines?

Well I know you’re tired of waiting
for a new day to begin
and patience is a virtue
you’ve declined.

Your hope is like a candle
whose wick is at the bottom
and the words of the closest few
don’t quite console
I’m just reminding you,
I’m Always Here You Know

Time it seems, has pushed you tight
against a wall of sorrow
The seconds turn to minutes
then to days

Well I’ve put myself within your shoes
to see your point of reason
now here I am at loss for words to say

I stretch my hand for you to hold
it’s such a simple gesture
a common courtesy for you to
I’m just reminding you,
I’m Always Here You Know

(Repeat verse one/two then 1st refrain)