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  1. Primitive Man
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Primitive Man
Copyright 2019 Sentric Music Publishing/BMI
Words & Music by Karl Sky


You despise your plight amidst the fight
You search your soul today
But the words of others blind their ears
To what you mean to say

Despite success your still depressed
The glitter paints the pain
Cause the more you make, the more they take
The Man is he who gains

Cause the Primitive Man
Pretends he understands
But the Primitive Man
Is sinking in the sand

You’re so upset with what you’ve left
The masses live to pay
It’s a never ending circus song
Most borrowing to play

Everyone’s serene their minds’ on screens
Who’s standing next to you?
It’s a silent movie missing words
for friends you never knew



Repeat 1st and 2nd verse

Chorus to end