1. Seaside
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Copyright 2020 Karl Sky Music / BMI
Words & Music by Karl Sky
All Rights Reserved


Copyright 2020 Karl Sky Music/BMI
Words and Music By Karl Sky

Seaside makeshift castles in the sand
seashells tell their stories in your hand
whispering waves will rock your soul to sleep
dreamlike sunlight comforting your feet

Well it’s all too real is it really happening?
So I pinched myself just to make sure
Yesterdays’ old memories today don’t sour me
I do believe this is the sweetest place on earth

Gentle clouds paint faces in the sky
distant sail boats dancing fore’ your eyes
breezes touch, caress your restless soul
when sunset comes the stars provide a toast


Firelight lingers embers turn to dust
friends they spill their secrets to your trust
one last sip will turn your eyelids week
in a blink, sunrise wakes you on the beach