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Copyright 2019
Karl Sky / BMI
Words & Music By Karl Sky
All Rights Reserved


Tripped out of bed, groped my way to the bath
Stubbed my big toe on the register
These 6 o’clock starts got me thinking “change”
cause this nine to five it ain’t no adventure
The last bit of toothpaste falls to the floor
Now what did my boss say not to forget
Maybe it will all come back to me
or today will be the day I regret

Ooh what life still has in store
but that old wolf is prowlin by your door.
Tradin your time for the company’s Cheap Gold Watch

Ooh the way our lives could be
But we collect cheap trinkets just for flattery
Tradin our lives for the company’s Cheap Gold Watch

Took a little longer than it usually does
for the morning shower to get hot
Staring at the shampoo bottles’ label
Inspired me with a fabulous thought

A simple round hut and palm trees lining
a mile long stretch of the beach
A coconut in one hand, a papaya
within a few simple steps of my reach


Decided right there I had just enough
cash in my stash for some adventure
I’m certain when I don't show up for work
The managers’ bound to be censored

Final Refrain: Ooh the way my life will be
When I discover a treasure in time and less greed
Wouldn't trade what I’ve found for the company’s Cheap Gold Watch