1. Wanderin Fools
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Wanderin Fools
Copyright 2020
Karl Sky / BMI
Words & Music By Karl Sky
All Rights Reserved


Wanderin Fools
Copyright 2020 Karl Sky/BMI
Words and Music By Karl Sky

I’m tired of tryin to make you happy
I’m tired of tryin to tow the line
It’s gettin old, gettin sucker punched
while others smile and pay no mind

You’re weary wishin life be easy
You’re weary praying I’d hear you out
If yesterday is all we had
Let’s navigate a brand new route

We’re just two restless Wanderin Fools
Searching for the rainbows in our minds
We’ve got a one track mind with a tune
Tryin to sing it one day at a time

I’m tired of praying for some sunshine
You’re shivering, shaking in the rain
The snow can weigh on me so heavy
You’re probably sad cause I complain

Let’s disconnect from all the chatter
disengage from what we’re told
We’ll follow roads to greener pastures
before our souls have grown too old