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For The First Time
Copyright 2020 Karl Sky / BMI
Words and Music By Karl Sky
All Rights Reserved
Artist: Karl Sky
Production: Karl Sky
Karl Sky


For The First Time
Copyright 2020 Karl Sky / BMI
Words & Music Karl Sky

At 30,000 feet your troubles slip the noose
4,000 miles from here the ropes’ dissolved
Sometimes we tend to hide from living by escape
Always searching for some miracle of change

And it feels like
My feet just left the ground
For The First Time
I’m feeling like I’m home
When you find out
Your hope sparks something new
Then you’ll live like
There’s nothing you can’t do

Accumulation tends to wear the spirit down
My castle’s much too big for me to roam
I used to think “forever” was the same old place
But living large will change what we embrace


Clinging to these sticks and stones won’t give you peace
The world we know, will simply blow away
There’s always One whose guiding hand will ease your pain
A friend out there the storms of life cannot erase

I’m recognizing smiles of strangers never seen
Accept the gifts that every moment breathes
Instead of clinging to the heavy ball and chain
I broke the irons, cause conversations free