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Peace Of Mind
Words and Music by Karl Sky / BMI
Copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved


Somethin Bout a Melody (Album Version)
Copyright 2019 Karl Sky - BMI All Rights Reserved
Words and Music By Karl Sky

I can still feel the heat of the summer sun in 76’
The smell of barbecue as we’re swimming circles in the pool
Licking root beer & purple popsicles, gazing at the fireworks
Brother and I were the king of the world with a sparkler in each hand

I recall riding home in the back seat of a two door Chevy Nova
Milky Way was shining down as my eyes started getting heavy
I tried to watch it all with my head laid back looking straight up to heaven
But we were fast asleep by the time our parents got us home

But what I remember most
Is Daddy searching for a country song
Another scratchy AM station miles away
Ya, There’s Somethin Bout a Melody
That’s better than a memory

Stealin 2x10’s from the back of the shed so we could build another jump
But we didnt make our move til my parents up and left for the afternoon
“we could’ve killed ourselves”, least that’s what they said, when they came back and saw what
we done
My best buddy and I, we just shrugged, “Heck, no ones’ bike got wrecked”

A musty canvas tent in a backyard spent with my brother & I & my Dad
it wasn’t too long fore they were sawing logs, while I was wide awake instead
Before it got real dark, I was hearing sounds, so I slipped up inside to bed
When the sun came up I went to wake my Dad, he hadn't realized that I’d left


When I was 12 years old, started shootin roll after roll of Kodachrome Super 8
I got my friends to play the parts in the story I had made
We rehearsed real hard, cause those rolls cost a lot with the money I had yet to make
Ya we were pretty dang proud of those stunts we caught on film

I remember vinyl spinning as The Beach Boys voices poured melodies into my room
I think I found my heart when my voice caught part of their harmony
Then my brother joined in and it was better than a hymn at any gospel church you’ve been
When the record ran out, we started all over again…

Refrain & repeat to end