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Somethin Bout' A Melody
Copyright 2019 Karl Sky/BMI
Words & Music by Karl Sky
All Rights Reserved.


Somethin Bout’ A Melody
Copyright 2019 Karl Sky

I can still feel the heat of the summer sun in 76’
The smell of barbecue smoking, as we’re swimming circles in the pool
Licking root beer & purple popsicles, gazing at the fireworks
Brother and I were the king of the world with a sparkler in each hand

But what I remember most
Is Daddy searching for a country song
Another scratchy AM station miles away
Ya, There’s Somethin Bout a Melody
That’s better than a memory


A musty canvas tent, in a backyard spent with my brother and I and Dad
it wasn’t too long fore they were sawing logs, while I was wide awake instead
Before it got real dark, was hearing scary sounds, so I slipped inside to bed
When the sun came up I went to wake my Dad, he never realized I’d left


I can see vinyl spinning as The Beach Boys voices poured melodies into my room
I think I found my heart when my voice caught part of their harmonies
Then my brother joined in and it was better than a hymn at any gospel church you’ve been
When the record ran out, well we started all over again.

Refrain & repeat to end