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Kick Off These Shoes
Words & Music By Karl Sky
Copyright 2019 Karl Sky / BMI


Kick Off These Shoes
Copyright 2019 Karl Sky / BMI
Words and Music By Karl Sky

I work nights
You work days
We're two ships that pass both ways
And I we haven’t a clue when we're gonna find time for fun

Work six twelves
It's seems unjust
I don't know why the money's a fuss
By the time we find the second to spend it we'll be dead.

Take a break and mute the phones sound
There’s somethin bout to go down
Shut the tv off, I'm sick of the news
Pull the blinds a little lower
Let's play some crimson clover
Gonna check off one last honey-to-do
Honey, Kick Off These Shoes

Kids got sick
Car broke down
Any wonder how I got this frown?
And it looks like frozen pizza is your dinner again

Taxman came
Jacked the rates
Must've seen we fixed the picket gate
Seems if I could win for losing I'd be King


It's time we got our breakfast in bed
On second thought I'll take some champagne instead