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Stranger To This Place
Words & Music By Karl Sky
Copyright 2019
Sentric Music Publishing / BMI


I was on a midnight magic carpet stallion ride
amongst the canyons oh so deep I couldn’t touch the sky

A thousand miles of rock and sand lie tween your heart and mine
I’ll let the sweeping desert wind erase a bad goodbye

I left home
nothing to save
Now I wonder what they’ll say
I arrive, alone the foreign face
I’m just a Stranger To This Place

The dawn is breaking, sunlight feathers gently cross the sky
affirmation of decisions, linger in disguise

Images of yester-play flash in and out of tune
reality, one step ahead, is racing fast too soon

1st Refrain

I have never yearned so much to touch your precious face
unraveling mystery in your eyes, get lost in your embrace

What ere direction I have gone it's all the same to me
Delusions & decisions cast have consequence to flee

2nd Refrain:
We leave home
nothin to say
and we ponder what they’ll say
time arrives, alone the foreign face...
We are but Strangers To This Place