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The Only Place Of Comfort
Copyright 2019
Sentric Music Publishing / BMI
Words & Music By Karl Sky


Well I found what they mean by mid-life crisis
Guess I’m standing at the point of no return

To have it all seems just a fable
I am willing and I’m able
But the walls I’ve built are much too thick to blast

No one knows my glass is almost empty
cause I hide it casually with these weathered hands

I try to pass it off with laughter
but reality just shatters
Everything that matters slaps me in the face

The Only Place of Comfort
is between the sheets when daylights’ fading thin
as mysteries within my dreams
reveal the answers to my soul again

Can’t complain about the situation
Not the only one who’s tread upon this dirt

It’s a lonely road and narrow
and you’re out there like a sparrow
But the good Lord has protection in his hands

2nd Refrain:
The Only Place of Comfort
Is between the mysteries held upon the page
within the words of wisdom to
reveal the answers to my soul again