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Giving It All Away
Copyright 2020/ Karl Sky/BMI
Words & Music By Karl Sky


Giving It All Away
Copyright 2020 Karl Sky / BMI
Words and Music By Karl Sky

I spoke too soon
I tried to reel it all back in
But the lure was set
And now my head was spinning
I can’t pull back
I’ll have to let this trophy go
And where this stops
Nobody ever really knows

ooh remember this advice my friend
the world is yours to lend
you try to play for keeps
but folded arms will never reach

You should be Giving It All Away
Giving It All Away
Giving It All Away

Take the time
Find out what your neighbor needs
Don’t be upset
If at first you don’t quite succeed
The next time round
The sun will surely shine on you
For laughing friends
Will be the sweetest trip you’ll ever do