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  1. Guess It's Time

Guess It's Time
Copyright 2000
Captain Kidd Music Publishing / BMI
Words & Music By Karl Sky


Guess It’s Time for me to go
how would I have ever known?

the look you give me with your eyes
makes me wish I never tried
it’s time for me to sing a song again

Guess It’s Time for me to shine
though I’d rather hold you tight

the distance makes it hard to see
the closeness of your love to me
this empty feelins’ takin hold again

One season blends into another
One single touch rekindles lovers
I’m always reaching for the past
Forget the present cares
I circle back into the hollow
The children flutter like the swallows
from the barn, that sits upon this kingdom
I call home

Guess I need to find some peace
sit beside the fire with me

and watch the flames reach to the sky
stars of heaven cast a light
upon your smile I know was meant for me
how could I ever, ever want to leave