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  1. Free
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Copyright 2019 Karl Sky / BMI
Words & Music By Karl Sky
All Rights Reserved


Well the two had met while they were in a school of higher learning
He carried all her books and helped her in her history too

Now she gave him mystery eyes and he, his ring
They danced their nights away within the spring

He wrote romantic letters saying how he yearned to marry
she complimented them with a sighing yes

The two were destined to exchange their vows
together they could conquer life somehow

Now they’re Free to live the dreams they have
seems like heavens’ opened wide
They have the love that binds their lives
a burning deep inside
that kindles fires when they’re alone
and gives them power to see
they’re Free

They had a child, when she was four, he packed his bags and left her
she thought it was another woman, but it didn't matter

Her love that had been growing from the start
had been crushed by another heart

The child grew up and her heart she knew her mother loved her
she wondered bout her daddy, what he looked like, who he was

Sometimes she cries before she falls to sleep
she wonders why her mother cannot weep


Well the girl, she met a man and in her twenties they had married
They wanted all the world to know what they could really be

They say they have a house and children now
I’m sure they’ll struggle to get by somehow

Refrain to end