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  1. Tired Of The Sun
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Tired Of The Sun
Copyright 2019 Sentric Music Publishing/BMI
Words and Music Karl Sky


Well I know it sounds crazy
but I think I’m grown tired of the sun.
Am I the only one who’s ever felt this way?

Well I wish you could tell me
how to undo all the things that I’ve done.
Lift the burdens that weight me
and free me to become what’s been won.

Well I have been lonely
and I have been afraid
Although the Son has been shining
on me to light the way.

People say that I’m crazy
when they look at all the things that I’ve done.
How could I be wanting for much of anything more.

I know love has released me
from a life of superfluous fun.
To stay true to the words of a Fathers’ solitary Son.


Repeat verse 1 and 2


Repeat 4th verse